The main support resources for CADViewer as well as our legacy software packages CADViewer Pro, CADViewer Enterprise and CADViewer JS can be found below:

If you cannot find the support information that you are looking for, please contact us.

Installing CADViewer

An installation of CADViewer contains of three distinct components:

Users can choose to install CADViewer as an integrated system, or implement the separate components into their own business logic. The installation of CADViewer is done using our Technical Documentation and Tutorial.

The CADViewer TechDoc will guide you through, how to install and use CADViewer, through the steps below:

Back-End Converters

The installation and operation of the main Back-End converter AutoXchange 2024 is described in the AutoXchange 2024 TechDocs. Our Converters are supported on Windows and Linux.

Note: The folder location of the back-end converters are outlined in section CADViewer Back-End CAD Converters Folder Structure, but may change depending on the Handler technology, see Connecting CADViewer and the Back-end Converters below:

Connecting CADViewer and the Back-end Converters

CADViewer needs to connect to the AutoXchange 2024 to process CAD files. We provide Server connectivity modules or Handers based on our CADViewer RestFUL API implemented using the following technologies:

Each of the Handler Sections includes installation guidance and reference Source Code for application programmers to use.

These are the general CADViewer resource links:

Technical Documentation and Tutorial
User Manual
API Reference and Documentation
Functional Overview
General Introduction
AutoXchange 2024 TechDocs
Generating Hotspots

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CADViewer JS 2.1 documentation

Legacy Java Versions - CADViewer Pro Support

CADViewer Pro Applet Parameters
CADViewer Pro Java/JavaScript API
How To Increase The Java Applet Memory Limit

CADViewer Pro Admin Help
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